Which is the best reaction channel on YouTube?

Posted on Thu 16 June 2022 in Music

This is the general concept behind these four uber-popular YouTube channels.

  • Lost in Vegas.
  • Irish People Try.
  • Cholos Try.
  • Kids React.
  • What do YouTubers use for reaction videos?

    Video editing software, like Filmora, can also be used to create YouTube reaction videos, but you must have all the footage you would like to include in that video before you can start putting it together. The first step is to create a new project in Filmora and then import the media assets into the editor.

    Do YouTubers get paid for music reaction videos?

    Individual videos may be difficult to monetize due to copyright violations triggered by YouTube's content ID system. But, once you have 4,000 watch hours and 1,000 subscribers, your reaction channel should be able to get approved by Adsense like everybody else.

    Who is the most famous reaction Youtuber?


    NameAppearancesYouTube channel
    Ben Mazowita3Bentendo
    Bethany Mota3Bethany Mota
    BigNik3The Nick Keswani
    Blair Fowler11juicystar07

    Who was the first reaction channel on YouTube?

    These are Jake Paul numbers we're talking about. This kind of thing isn't completely unheard of, though. Reaction videos first started gaining popularity on YouTube in 2007 when everyone started recording themselves reacting to one of the internet's first gross-out videos: 2 Girls 1 Cup.

    Are reaction videos fair use?

    Just like with Let's Play videos, reaction videos are also at risk of being reproductions and public performances that infringe upon one's copyright. In this case, the original “work” is not a video game but rather a video.

    How do you start a reaction video?

    What makes a great reaction video?

    Facial expressions and sounds people make when they see something they absolutely love or hate are the cornerstone of a great reaction video. So, if you are going to choose clips to react to, keep in mind that their main goal is to provoke emotions. Otherwise, there's little point to record it in the first place.

    How much do YouTubers pay for music?

    How Much Do Music Streaming Platforms Pay per Stream?

    PlatformPay per streamStreams to get $1,000
    Apple Music$0.01100,000
    Amazon Music$0.004250,000
    YouTube Music$0.008125,000

    What are reaction channels?

    Simple, it's a clip of someone reacting to something. It sounds too simple but too many people love this 'react' genre of YouTube. And that made FineBros the biggest reaction YouTube channel. Simple, it's a clip of someone reacting to something.