Is there a website like IMDB for music?

Is there a website like IMDB for music?

IMDB has long been a virtual gathering place for film connoisseurs, and the site may finally have a musical equivalent in the recently launched app Musicboard, a platform designed to bring music fans together in conversation.

Where can I submit music for a review?

  • Little Indie Blogs.
  • Acid Stag.
  • Indie Music Review.
  • Louder Than War.
  • The Word Is Bond.
  • This Song Is Sick.
  • A&R Factory.

Are there better websites than IMDB?

The best alternative is The Movie Database , which is free. Other great apps like IMDb are Simkl, Letterboxd, Metacritic and ratehouse.

What can I use instead of IMDB?

Top IMDB Alternatives

Does pitchfork still exist?

A few examples quickly reveal that Pitchfork is now in its entirety devoted to views and clicks. -In the past Pitchfork didn’t review old albums. Prince died April 21, 2016. Pitchfork capitalized on this by reviewing all previous albums of his that they didn’t review.

Is there a music rating app?

Musicboard is a social platform where people from all around the world connect through their shared love of music. Write reviews, rate music, and compile lists in music’s fastest growing community. Musicboard lets you: Write reviews and rate music to share your opinions with friends.

What is better than SubmitHub?

SubmitHub Alternatives [3 Sites That Work]

  • Groover.
  • Send It Right.
  • Musosoup.
  • Tips:

Is Pitchfork respected?

In fact, of the top thirty publications, Pitchfork has the highest share of review scores within ‘half a star’ of the Metascore. In other words, it seems to be pretty good at judging an album’s ’true quality’.

Is Pitchfork a good source?

Overall from our findings, Pitchfork emerges as a growing platform for musical reviews that provides a variety of reviews and is an excellent source for listeners who are seeking to find new music in this current golden age of music production.

Who is the best album reviewer on YouTube?

Top 10 YouTube Music Critics - TopX Ep.

  • #8: Spectrum Pulse.
  • #7: The Daily Guru.
  • #6: ARTV Reviews.
  • #5: Consequence of Sound.
  • #4: A Dose of Buckley.
  • #3: Dead End Hip Hop.
  • #2: Todd in The Shadows (League of Super Critics Channel)
  • #1: The Needle Drop.

What happened to AllMusic?

In late 2007, AllMusic was purchased for $72 million by TiVo Corporation (known as Macrovision at the time of the sale, and as Rovi from 2009 until 2016). In 2012, AllMusic removed all of Bryan Adams’ info from the site per a request from the artist. In 2015, AllMusic was purchased by BlinkX (later known as RhythmOne).

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