How do I turn off content restrictions on Apple Music?

How do I turn off content restrictions on Apple Music?

Change the passcode: Click Change Passcode, enter the current passcode, enter a new passcode, then click Continue. You need to re-enter the new passcode to verify it. Turn off content restrictions: Click the switch to turn off restrictions.

Why is my Apple ID restricted?

Your account may be restricted if your identity verification fails multiple times, if there are multiple accounts tied to the same social security number, or if there’s suspected fraud on the account.

Can you turn off restricted mode?

On the Android app

Select Settings> General. Turn Restricted mode on or off.

How do I turn off restrictions on my iPhone 12?

How do I change my minimum age for Apple Pay?

On the family organizer’s iPhone, open the Settings app. Tap [your name], then tap Family Sharing. Tap Apple Cash, then choose a child or teen.

Why is my sons Apple ID grayed out?

Go to Settings> Screen Time> Select Your Child. Tap Content & Privacy Restrictions. Scroll down to the end until you see the section labeled Allow Changes (it’s a grey header) Tap on Account Changes and select Allow.

Why is my Apple ID GREY?

Apple ID greyed out on iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch happens usually because the ability to make changes to accounts is blocked. To solve this issue, you just need to set up to allow them with your Screen Time passcode.

Do Apple parental controls turn off at 18?

The parental controls do not turn off until age 18.

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